Hyde Park Farmers' Market
Turkey Tuesday Pre-Order

Hyde Park Farmers' Market Turkey Tuesday Pre-Order

Pre-Order your cheese NOW!

CLICK THE LINK BELOW, enter the cheese you want us to bring to the Hyde Park Farmers' Market TURKEY TUESDAY, November 24th.


SASSY PIMENTO, The BEST Pimento you will ever taste.
MAMA MIA, Italian Cheese with 7 herbs and spices. Taste like pizza.
SCANDINAVIAN GRILLING CHEESE, a bread cheese that you heat and add your favorite topping(s). I like Blackberry Jam.
BOONE BLUE, Creamery with lots of veins of blue throughout.
KENTUCKY DERBY, Sharp Cheddar with a hint of Bourbon. Hey, it's made in Kentucky.
SMOKED GOUDA, a very good Mesquite Smoked Gouda
SMOKED CHEDDAR, a creamy Smoked Cheddar. Very smooth.
MOZZARELLA, Low moisture, whole milk. Rear Mozz, none of this low-fat stuff. (made with cows milk)
GINGER ROGERS, Sharp Cheddar with little pieces of crystallized ginger. My personal favorite!
FRENCH CHEDDAR, a mild creamier cheddar.
SHARP CHEDDAR, a delicious favorite cheddar that was aged to sharpness.
JERK CHEDDAR, Sharp Cheddar with pieces of BEEF JERKY in it.
ABBEY ROAD, Sharp Cheddar with Organic Sun-dried Tomatoes.
PINEAPPLE EXPRESSION, sweet, Sharp Cheddar with crystallized and dried pineapple, hemp seed hearts, and flax seeds.
HARVEST MOON, Sharp White Cheddar with Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seed hearts, and flax seeds. A great nutty taste.
FRESH HANDMADE BUTTER, Creamy, Unsalted, Fresh Churned Butter.


When you click the link below, we automatically receive an email from you. Please include your contact information and the cheeses you want us to bring you on TURKEY TUESDAY. Thank you, Happing Turkey Day!

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